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Domaine Arcobiato

The surroundings

What to see in Corsica, around the Residence Arcobiato?

Overlooking the majestic Gulf of Valinco, Olmeto is a popular yet particularly relaxing seaside resort. Made famous by Colomba, the famous heroine imagined by Prosper Mérimée, Olmeto proudly dominates its environment between sea and maquis. A wide range of activities are available to you!
Boat tours and sea activities

Boat tours and sea activities

Going out to sea gives you the unique opportunity to discover the lesser-known aspects of the Corsican coastline and to explore the amazing diversity of its flora and fauna.

Water sports enthusiasts will find much to love in Propriano. Paddleboarding, windsurfing, jet skiing, canyoneering, and snorkeling are among the recreational pursuits on offer.


If you enjoy walking and hiking, Corsica was made for you. Many hiking trails are easily accessible from your vacation home in southern Corsica. It's the perfect way to explore the unique local flora and fauna. With the exception of the GR20 trail, which is restricted to expert hikers, these trails are open to walkers at any level. Our wealth of local flora and fauna await your visit.

Among our most highly recommended hiking trails are the Campomoro trail, which follows the coastline and offers a dramatic view over the Gulf, and the Campanella circuit, which starts from the charming village of Serra-di-Ferro.
Towns and Villages near Propriano
Villa Rental in Corsica

Towns and Villages near Propriano

The charm of the small village of Propriano lies not only in its typical Mediterranean atmosphere or its fishing port filled with the noisy chatter of sailors, but also in the play of shadow and light in its narrow streets. It's the perfect place to stroll in the sun or enjoy some ice cream!

Located near the Arcobiato Domain, Ajaccio will delight you with its history-packed streets, nearby coves, and the lovely traditional villages that surround the city. Ajaccio is the birthplace of Napoléon Bonaparte, and the city pays homage to him with an excellent museum.

Bonifacio has always been known for its beautiful white limestone cliffs, which tower over the azure expanses of the Mediterranean. Be sure to take a stroll through its stunning medieval streets. Along the way, perhaps you'll encounter the King of Aragon's Staircase. Legend has it that the stairs were built into the rock by hand in a single night.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Scandola, Piana & Sartène are irremediably among the most beautiful villages in France.

A view of its pink granite inlets is well worth the trip.
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